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Pure Silver and Silver Alloy
Pure Silver and Silver Alloy Product: Unidirectional Solidification Oxygen Free Pure Silver Wires(Bars), Silver Alloys... Buy Now
Copper Tin alloy wire/bar(CuSn)
Tin-Copper Alloy Product:Tin-Copper Alloy Wires(Bars).Available Size:1.0mm-2.6mm Characteristic: The features are 〝high tensile... Buy Now
Copper Silver alloy wire/bar (CuAg)
Silver-Copper Alloy   Product: Silver-Copper Alloy Wires(Bars).Available Size: 1.0mm-2.6mm Bar: Diameter 1-6mm * Max.... Buy Now
PCVCC copper wire/bar(Unidirectional Solidification Oxygen Free Copper Wire/Bar)
Product: OFC(Oxygen Free Copper Wire/Bar)OFHC(Oxygen Free High Conductivity Pure Copper Wire/Bar)PCVCC(Unidirectional Solidification... Buy Now
OFHC copper wire
Oxygen Free Copper   Product: OFC(Oxygen Free Copper Wire/Bar)OFHC(Oxygen Free High Conductivity Pure Copper... Buy Now
Earthing system for critical electronics complete supply & execution using 3E Brand (22kgs)  manufactured by renowned group (Jaipur) . We use best... Buy Now
250kw on grid solar inverter
Up to 30% overloading with wider MPPT: 12. Also supporting high-power bi-facial modules and compatible with Al AC Cable. It gives max efficiency of... Buy Now
Grid tie inverter
India’s most compact SP‘generation (5G) Grid-Tie Inverter with 25 years design life. The Unique design by using Type-II/II I surge protection... Buy Now
LED Sign Board
LED sign boards are an improved version of the luminous neon signs, with which you can reduce light consumption to up to 80%. In addition, this... Buy Now
LED Advertising Screen
LED Advertising Screens are intended for different utilizing situations both indoor and open air by utilizing such advances as photoelectric... Buy Now
LED Display Board
Our Indoor LED Display Board show information in many colors and combinations are a great medium for publicizing and showing customer particular... Buy Now
SERVO PLANETARY GEAR REDUCERS Top Gear Transmission is one of the best Manufacturers of Servo planetary gear reducers in India. We provide very high... Buy Now
Distribution Transformer
ISI marked / BIS certified energy efficient transformers upto 33 kV class. Ranging from 10 kVA to 5000 kVA. Buy Now

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    Mohali Mohali, Punjab 140301, India


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    Corporate House No. : G3, Sumel 10 Business Park, Opp. Ambedkar Hall Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380018, India


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    8th Floor, Rajvi Arcade, Opp. Gurukul, Drive in Road, Memnagar Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380052, India


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